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Zones of Regulation

What are ‘The Zones of Regulation’?

At Chepping View Primary Academy supporting each child’s emotional wellbeing is a central part of our values and practice. Self-regulation (also known as ‘self-control’, ‘impulse management’ and ‘self-management’) is an important part of our curriculum.

We recognise that children who are experiencing big emotions, such as worry, anger, restlessness, fear or tiredness, often find it hard to learn and concentrate in school. As a result, we feel it is valuable to use The Zones of Regulation with all of our children, to give them strategies to help them cope with their feelings. This means that they can get back to feeling calm and ready to learn. These coping strategies are called ‘self-regulation’. However, primary school children may need support to implement these strategies and this is called co-regulation.

The four ‘zones’ are different colours and are explained below. We teach the children that everyone experiences all of the Zones. All of the Zones are expected at one time or another. We show them that the Blue Zone, for example, is helpful when you are trying to fall asleep.

Zones image - blue, red, green and yellow

The Zones of Regulation help our children to:

• Recognise when they are in the different Zones and learn how to change or stay in the Zone they are in.

• Increase their emotional vocabulary so they can explain how they are feeling

• Recognise when other people are in different Zones (developing better empathy).

• Develop an insight into what might make them move into the different Zones.

• Understand that their emotions, sensory experiences (tiredness or hunger) and their environment might influence which Zone they are in.

• Develop problem-solving skills and resilience

• Identify a range of strategies that support them.

How to support your child at home? 

1. Create a zones of regulation strategy board like the one below. 

2. Use the Zones language at home e.g. I am feeling in the blue zone so I am going to do some stretches or I wonder if (your child's name) is in the yellow zone as they are struggling to listen. Shall we watch a you tube meditation or grounding video?

3. Use the Zones language when talking about characters in movies or books. 


Strategies to support regulation

Zones strategies