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Chepping View

Vision, Values and Ethos


Chepping View Primary Academy’s vision is to work collaboratively to educate and nurture our community, giving everyone access to opportunities so that they can thrive in every facet of life, fulfil their potential and make a positive contribution to the world.

Values Statement 

At Chepping View we believe that every child has the right to an outstanding education and should take responsibility for their learning and behaviours. We promote our ethos through ‘Creating Excellent Learners’, known as the 5 Rs which are embedded throughout academy life: 

  • Resilience: Pupils are encouraged to never give up by managing their distractions, persevering, being attentive and making links. They are taught to self-regulate their emotions, learning to recover from setbacks and tackle challenges in a positive and healthy way 
  • Relationships: Pupils are encouraged to build relationships within their academy journey, ensuring they are well prepared for the next stage of education and life in their community. Adults model and promote positive relationships with children and each other. Pupils can work alongside others by teaching them to collaborate, respect, empathise and communicate well 
  • Reflectiveness: Pupils are encouraged to reflect on what they do and why they are doing it, the impact of this and what they might do differently next time. Adults support children to develop reflectiveness in all aspects of their learning. Pupils are encouraged to learn how they learn and behave best through discussing, planning, reviewing, and coaching 
  • Resourcefulness: Pupils are encouraged to meet challenges in a variety of ways, learning to find quick and clever ways of overcoming difficulties. Adults support children to draw upon their unique abilities and promote a creative approach to problem solving.  Pupils learn what to do when they have a problem through questioning, making links, imagining, reasoning, and looking 
  • Risk-Taking: Pupils are encouraged to overcome barriers by being flexible, fearless, brave, adventurous and by demonstrating strength and endurance. Pupils are supported to take risks safely and develop confidence to be able to cope with challenging situations 



‘Everybody Matters at Chepping View’ underpins the school’s culture and behaviour.  This means that Chepping View Primary Academy: 

  • Safeguards all members of the academy community, ensuring that the academy is a safe and secure learning and working environment  
  • Values, respects, and embraces the diversity of our community and the world in which we live 
  • Is aspirational for all pupils, providing them with a broad, rich, engaging, and challenging curriculum 
  • Meets the individual needs of the children and families that attend our academy 
  • Has high expectations of the whole community 
  • Promotes British Values in everything that we do 
  • Works closely with all academies within the Inspiring Futures Partnership Trust 
  • Works within the wider community, including supporting other schools, to ensure their children have access to an excellent education