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Relationships and Health Education

The DfE released a statutory 'Relationships and Health Curriculum' in 2020. Shared across the academies in the trust, our curriculum includes the statutory learning objectives from the Relationships and Health Education document by the DfE for Year 1-6.

In addition to the statutory curriculum, we have added content on personal safety (e.g. road safety) and economic education (e.g. the dangers of gambling) to ‘upgrade’ the curriculum from just Relationships and Health, to a full PSHE curriculum, in line with the recommendations of the PSHE Association. We have not included the non-statutory sex education material from the DfE at this stage, although this may be consulted on in the future for individual academies. This is the only part of the curriculum that has a ‘legal right to withdraw’ for parents, and so our current PSHE curriculum does not allow pupils to be withdrawn.

Learning for Life

PSHE stands for Personal, Social, Health and Economic education, which cover the statutory curriculum and more. However, after consulting with parents we have stopped using PSHE as a term with the children and have changed it to 'Learning for Life', which is simpler to understand than a series of letters. So when you hear the children talking about 'Learning for Life' lessons, this is what they are referring to.

The Curriculum

The Trust curriculum has due regard for the statutory Relationships and Health Curriculum and the Equality Act 2010.

Our curriculum has three key strands:

  • Relationships- Family and Friends
  • Living in the World- Being Safe
  • Health and Wellbeing- Healthy Body and Mind

We teach about Puberty in Year 4, in order to ensure that the vast majority of children will have this learning at an age-appropriate time before they start going through the changes themselves.

You can find our curriculum overview below, as well as our policy and a key text that we use, 'Usborne All About Families'

Protecting Children from Abuse

 Part of the Relationships and Health curriculum is to ensure that children know how to recognise and report abuse. Therefore we teach the correct names for private parts. Please the curriculum overview above for details.

We also make use of the NSPCC Pants campaign and have our own resource- My Body, My Space.

 Safeguarding and Child Protection

Please find further details regarding Safeguarding on our website: Safeguarding