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Inspiring Futures Professional Development provides a variety of CPD for school staff across primary schools in Buckinghamshire and beyond.

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Cognition and Learning

We use scaffolding and modelling to help our children learn and make progress. This includes the use of visuals. 



Dyslexia is a very common learning difficulty that can cause problems with reading, writing and spelling. Children with dyslexia have difficulty with memory it can also affect maths and organisation.

This website has lots of support and guidance on dyslexia.



Executive Functioning Skills

  •  Plan tasks and activities
  • Meet deadlines
  • Prioritise work to be completed
  • Regulate our emotions
  • Inhibit responses
  • Regulate behaviour
  • Organise belongings
  • Organise thoughts on paper
  • Working memory – the ability to hold information in our heads and remember things
  • Keep track of our thoughts
  • Maintain focus
  • Persevere on a task
  • Keep time

It is important to teach your children these skills. You can do this by using the following strategies:

  • Develop your child independence
  • Over-learning the skills
  • Metacognition - intentional thinking about how you think and learn
  • Provide strategies and tools e.g. organisers, schedules, timers


Websites with more information: