British Values

British Values at Chepping View

Guidance from the Department for Education in November 2014 states that schools should 'promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.' 

These are some of the ways that we do this at Chepping View:

Individual Liberty

  • Listening to children's views in the annual pupil survey, through the School Council and in lessons.

  • Encouraging children to be responsible for their own behaviour.

  • Respecting parents' right to withdraw their children from Religious Education/religious assemblies due to their own faith or beliefs.

  • Recognising the sacrifices made by armed forces around the world to protect people's freedom by taking part in Remembrance Day events.

  • Study of World War 2 in Y6 including meeting veterans.


Tolerance of different faiths

  • Celebrating different religions and festivals through assemblies and performances, cooking and parties.

  • Learning about the beliefs and practices of different faith groups in RE lessons.

  • A uniform policy that makes allowances for religious dress codes.

  • Teaching various religions different stories.

Rule of law

  • School rules and consequences, balanced by rewards such as housepoints and golden time.

  • School council feed into some decision making e.g. helping to choose which charities we support and which toys to request from the PTA. 

  • School rules displayed in all teaching spaces.

  • Listening to all sides when resolving conflict.

  • Knowing and agreeing ‘right and wrong’ and the law taught in PSHCE lessons.

  • ESafety education.



  • Y6 Young Enterprise- working together for a common goal.

  • School council and House Captain elections

  • Children identifying their friendship groups for consideration when planning new classes.

  • Discussions about democracy and voting when there are local or general elections.

  • Taking part in 'Mayor for a day'

  • Responding to pupil surveys.

  • Choosing class rewards.


Mutual respect

  • Learning about other countries and cultures in Geography. e.g. Kenya in Y2

  • Non-gender specific dressing up clothes in foundation stage.

  • School motto 'Everybody Matters at Chepping View'.

  • School rules state 'Show respect for all members of our school community' at KS2 and 'Be kind and caring to everyone' at KS1 and FS.

  • Discussions on differences/similarities in PSHCE lesson- what makes us special? 

  • Learning about people with disabilities and their contribution to history e.g. Helen Keller, Louis Braille

  • Acceptance and understanding of differing family circumstances.

  • Teaching children how to resolve conflict at playtimes.

  • Being a team member in House matches, on Sports Day and in local matches.

  • Celebrating other cultures through Culture Days and music events such as Indian drumming.